Our Products

  1. Solar powered water pumps
  2. Solar powered cold-chain solutions (Fridges and Freezers) SECCCO supplies and installs solar freezers/fridges for domestic use, medicine and commercial. These solar freezes sourced from a world leading manufacture including STECA from Germany and DULAS from UK.
  3. Solar PV and Inverters (These are electronic devices that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). In this range we have Inverter chargers used for power backups, hybrid Inverters and Off-grid inverters.)
  4. Solar powered boreholes
  5. Improved Cook Stoves (ICS) Production & distribution of efficient Cook-Stoves. SECCCO promotes clean-energy and affordable cook stoves that enables families to live healthier and save money. Almost 85% of the population burns solid fuels like charcoal and wood for cooking, producing harmful emission which causes severe risk for both families’ health and the environment. SECCCO made a big progress as well as a change last year when we doubled our production and distributed over 5000 cook stoves. We sustained advocacy efforts to encourage the people to save money on fuel cost, and reduce the amount of time spent on cooking, fuel gathering and protect the health of their family by using clean-energy cook stoves, made locally. SECCCO also in cooperation with ADRA held several events and workshops to promote the use of clean-energy cook-stoves for cooking as part of the Somalia Energy Transformation (SET) program. We also worked closely and helped women business owners who attended the workshop to sell the stoves within their community.