Our Model (REAP)

Renewable Energy Access for Production (REAP) was designed by SECCCO and implemented as PAYGo project and its meant for small scale businesses in the fishing and farming sectors whose profit margins are hurt by high electricity bills and huge upfront payment for solar system installations. REAP alleviates poverty and improves the livelihoods in that it creates opportunities for job creations, economic growth and food security. We reach out to low income households living outside of electricity grid who cannot afford the upfront cost required to install solar power systems through installation of PAYGO enabled solar power cold-chains , water pumping and irrigation solutions (PAYGo enabled)  this model removes reliance on rain fed agriculture for food security.


  • Improves energy access in off-grid areas
  • Defer network expansion investments
  • Enable other innovative business models such as peer-peer trading or community ownership
  • Reduce loss of fish and cost of preserving it for enterprises in Somalia through solar powered freezers
  • Reduce cost irrigation and allow all year round crop production for farmers across Somalia through solar powered water pumps
  • Ease access to safer and improved cook stoves to thousands of families in Somalia who currently use inefficient fuels and dangerous open fires.