Company History

SECCCO was established in 2008 with the mission of bringing clean, low-cost and sustainable renewable energy solutions to Somalia. In the 8 years of operation, our work has created tangible social and economic impact and improved the lives of thousands of Somalia people.

We have provided energy solutions with no pollution, installed them in households, businesses, health centers, hospitals, schools, community centers and we continue to light the streets of Somali towns and villages.

Our company is in the business of providing clean energy solutions to see a pollution free Somalia while playing our role of eliminating global warming emissions.

At SECCCO we work in collaboration with our partners. We liaise with our clients to design solutions for their power generation and enterprise needs. Our engineers focus on understanding the client needs at present and advise on potential future expectations helping them to come up with solutions that match that their situation.

SECCCO has implemented large energy projects solutions in Somalia, most of them being photovoltaic solar systems, Street lights, solar refrigerators and solar water pumps. Apart from renewable energy solutions for individual customers, we have undertaken several larger projects with international development agencies. In Puntland alone, in the last four years, we have installed over 700 energy solutions in collaboration with development agencies.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring clean, low-cost and sustainable renewable energy solution into the homes and businesses of thousands of Somali people who live in energy poverty. We want to lead our country in transitioning to green energy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see Somalia with access to reliable, affordable, healthy and environmentally friendly renewable energy.

How We Work