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Solar Freezers & Fridges

Air pollution from fossil fuels costs the world US$8 billion every day via @greenpeace. No one’s life should be limited by how they cook.Unhealthy open fires or inefficient stoves kill.
@SECCCO_Somalia works to tackle #EnergyPoverty #SDG7 @cleancooking @SEforALLorg

Youth empowerment to attain self reliance is a guarantee to #somalifuture. As a industry leader in #renewableenergysector we are glad to play our role in ensuring our youth tap into the opportunities in the sector.#SomYouth2020 @GEEL_Somali @USAIDSomalia

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SECCCO supplies and installs solar freezers/fridges for domestic use, medicine and commercial. These solar freezes sourced from a world leading manufacture including STECA from Germany and DULAS from UK.

SECCCO installed solar vaccine refrigerators in four district (Qardho,Garowe,Dangorayo and Dhahar) in northeastern Somalia, the project is given to Puntland ministry of livestock to help them freeze animal vaccines and is funded by ICRC(International Committee of the Red Cross).


What's Included

  • Solar Panel
  • DC Battery
  • DC Fridge or Freezer

How it Works

Unlike the commercial refrigerator, which uses a motor to compress a refrigerant solution, solar fridges are “absorptive.” An absorptive device, such as a solar fridge, will take a source of heat, like sunlight, and use the thermal energy to convert the refrigerant solution into liquid for cooling purposes.


What's to Expect

  • Professional Workmanship
  • 1 Year Equipment Warranty
  • Energy Savings